Quick aims to put Game 4 loss behind him

If there’s one thing Jonathan Quick hasn’t done a lot of this postseason, it’s lose games. Still, the fact that the Kings fell short on Wednesday and squandered their first of four chances to win the Stanley Cup isn’t enough to get him down.

“It’s 0-0,” Quick said. “It doesn’t matter if you’re coming off a win or coming off a loss. Obviously, it’s disappointing anytime you lose, no matter what the situation is. As of today it’s 0-0. You’re trying to win Game 1.”

Martin Brodeur has displayed a similar attitude in the Stanley Cup finals and it’s certainly not a bad thing that Quick has that in common with the future Hall of Famer.

Of course, it’s not Game 1 and even if Quick is able to approach this like a Game 1, but the New Jersey Devils will probably take a different approach. hey’re just one loss away from elimination and acknowledging that might be a motivating influence for New Jersey.

“That’s when your pride comes out, when your backs are against the wall and it’s do or die,” Williams said of New Jersey. “It was do or die for them, and they played great.”

The Devils probably will come out strong on Saturday, but beating a focused Quick is still a monumental task.

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