Kings look to become record-setting fifth straight team to win Cup on road

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From the ESPN Stats and Information Group comes this note:

The Kings can clinch the Stanley Cup in New Jersey tomorrow, which would mark the fifth straight season in which the Cup was clinched on the road.

That would be the first time since the NHL took control of the Cup in 1927 that five straight Cups were clinched on the road.

Only twice before this current run has it happened four straight times (1989-92 and 1975-78).

The previous runs of four, in case you were curious:

1975: Philadelphia wins Game 6 in Buffalo
1976: Montreal wins Game 4 in Philadelphia
1977: Montreal wins Game 4 in Boston
1978: Montreal wins Game 6 in Boston

1989: Calgary wins Game 6 in Montreal
1990: Edmonton wins Game 5 in Boston
1991: Pittsburgh wins Game 6 in Minnesota
1992: Pittsburgh wins Game 4 in Chicago

The current streak started in 2008 when Detroit won Game 6 in Pittsburgh, followed by Pittsburgh winning Game 7 in Detroit (2009), Chicago winning Game 6 in Philadelphia (2010) and Boston winning Game 7 in Vancouver (2011).

Anaheim still holds the distinction of being the last team to hoist Lord Stanley’s Mug on home ice. The Ducks defeated the Senators in Game 5 of the 2007 Stanley Cup final at the Honda Center.