Canucks owner wants team’s financial details left out of divorce proceedings

Canucks owner Francesco Aquilini doesn’t want the public to have access to the financial details of his divorce proceedings with his estranged wife, Taliah Aquilini. With that in mind, he’s seeking an order from the British Columbia Supreme Court that would ban access to the court files.

“One very prominent business owned by the Aquilini family is the Vancouver Canucks,” the application filed by Francesco states. “Serious harm would flow to that business if its financial information were made publicly available.”

Francesco is also concerned that his five children could be put in risk of substantial harm without protective measures. According to Francesco’s application, the proceedings will probably attract “substantial” media attention.

The chief operating officer of the Canucks, Victor de Bonis, and general counsel for the NHL David Zimmerman filed affidavits in support.

Francesco’s application should be heard by the court on Tuesday.

Francesco previously stated that the Canucks would not be impacted by the proceedings.

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