Darryl Sutter is still peeved at being asked about not sweeping


Last night after the Kings dropped Game 4 to New Jersey and thus preventing a city-wide Stanley Cup celebration, reporters managed to get under coach Darryl Sutter’s skin asking him if it was disappointing to not sweep the Devils.

During today’s media availability, Sutter wasn’t feeling any more cheery when asked about what he’s looking for out of his team for Game 5.

“That’s why you play series,” Sutter said. “Unfortunately, we have some spoiled people that think that everyone wins 16 in a row or something.  A little confusing to me.”

The Kings have beaten everyone on the way to the finals in either four or five games but are now 1-3 in Game 4 through the postseason. That means they’ve had three times to close out a series at home and failed to do so. Now they’ll just hope their trend of ending things in five games can continue on Saturday night in New Jersey and culminate in hoisting the Stanley Cup.