Blues president Davidson reportedly talks with Blue Jackets


The St. Louis Blues have a new owner in Tom Stillman and it might not be long before they also get a fresh team president. The current job holder, John Davidson, was given a 30-day window to decide if he wanted to stay with the Blues. It’s expected to expire on Friday, so time is running out for Davidson to make a decision regarding his future.

With that in mind, Davidson reportedly met with the Columbus Blues Jackets last week. That might be a good fit for Davidson, who already has experience when it comes to reconnecting a struggling franchise with their fanbase.

In addition to signing with another organization or staying with the St. Louis Blues, Davidson is also considering retirement or a return to broadcasting.

It’s also worth noting that Stillman hasn’t said if he plans to keep the team’s president yet, so Davidson’s fate isn’t entirely in his own hands.