Report: Jamison struggling to raise money to buy Coyotes


Last week, NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly said “there don’t appear to be any roadblocks that would derail” a sale of the Phoenix Coyotes to a group of investors led by former Sharks CEO Greg Jamison. However, according to a Forbes report, Jamison is having trouble raising the money to purchase the club and keep it in the desert.

The NHL is believed to be asking $170 million for the franchise it bought out of bankruptcy in 2009.

Assuming the report is accurate, perhaps investors are hoping the league will drop its price.

Or, perhaps investors weren’t encouraged by the fan response to the Coyotes’ playoff run and are having second thoughts. We only say this because it was reported in April that Jamison had “brought together the investment money necessary to purchase” the team.

Regardless, time is really running out to get a deal done. Last year, the NHL confirmed the Thrashers would move to Winnipeg on May 31.

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