Mike Knuble doesn’t want to retire


As we previously reported, the Washington Capitals have no intention of re-signing Mike Knuble. That’s unfortunate for the soon-to-be 40-year-old forward, but it’s not surprising.

Knuble’s stock has fallen significantly over the last season, but that doesn’t mean he’s ready to hang up his skates.

“I definitely want to play,” Knuble said. “I’ve been pretty adamant about that the last little bit. The biggest thing is how you feel physically and I feel great. Mentally, I can definitely go through another season. I enjoy the competition. I enjoy the focus of it. As for the team, I guess you kind of have to wait and see what happens. The money won’t be significant, relatively speaking, nor will the term. So you can decide what will be best for you and your family going forward.”

If Knuble had his choice of teams, there’s a good chance he’d be playing for the Detroit Red Wings next season.

“Detroit would be a neat story since I was drafted there,” Knuble said. “I’ll make no secret about that. That would be a nice way to come back around.”

Detroit might be hesitant to take on Knuble seeing as they aren’t really hurting for depth forwards. As it is, they might decline to re-sign Tomas Holmstrom even if he decides that he wants to play in 2012-13.

Still, Knuble might still have a bit left in the tank and it wouldn’t be surprising if someone decided to take a chance on him.