Darryl Sutter said tonight’s media queries were “awesome,” but that might’ve been sarcasm


Here’s Darryl Sutter talking to the media after Los Angeles’ 3-1 loss to New Jersey in Game 4 of the Stanley Cup finals:

And here’s the transcript, in case the laughter and scoffing kept you from understanding what he said:

Q. What was the difference tonight?

COACH SUTTER: Not much. Pretty much overtime in the third period, same as first two games.

Q. Was there a breakdown on the Elias goal? If so, what happened there from your perspective?

COACH SUTTER: Which goal?

Q. Elias’ goal.

COACH SUTTER: Henrique’s goal? It’s a turnover. Misplay between the defensemen. Not a coverage play. Can’t make those long passes and think you can get away with it.

Q. Game 4 has been somewhat of a problem for you guys. You’re 3-3 now when you can close out a series.

COACH SUTTER: Awesome. Close out a series in Game 4 (laughter). It’s the Stanley Cup Final. Game is the very same as the first two games.

The presser was destined to go off the rails when Sutter had to figure out which goal — the Elias or Henrique one — the reporter was talking about. Doomed from the start, really.