Kings announcers Miller, Fox will record “calls” for Stanley Cup


For a lot of hardcore fans, it’s natural to get attached to local announcers. Many Los Angeles Kings fans have that connection with Bob Miller and John Fox, so it’s reasonable that they might want to hear what they’d say if the Kings win their first Stanley Cup. Helene Elliott reports that the Kings found a way to make that happen.

Club executives have been working on a solution that would respect complicated broadcast rights issues involving the league and NBC and also allow fans to hear Miller and Fox describe a possible Cup triumph. A solution apparently is at hand.

Mike Altieri, the vice president of communications and broadcasting for AEG Sports, said that starting on Wednesday — the team’s first chance to win the Stanley Cup — and going forward if the Cup Final continues past Game 4, Miller and Fox will record a call of each game.

Elliott points to at least two possible scenarios that might make it work. An announcement could be made on the Kings’ Web site or the calls could be included on a team DVD. (Talk about an awesome DVD-extra.)

The New Jersey Devils will do whatever they can to make this story a weird one to read in retrospect, by the way.