Darryl Sutter was in the barn not shoveling manure when Dean Lombardi called about the Kings job


The most entertaining part of the 2012 Stanley Cup playoffs — aside from seeing David Beckham (OMG!) at the Staples Center — has been the manner in which Darryl Sutter’s conducted his media availability sessions.

He flashes double peace signs. He answers questions with his own questions. He doesn’t know what destiny is.

Today, Sutter was at his PR savviest when discussing how he learned that L.A. GM Dean Lombardi wanted him to coach the Kings.

Q. Where were you when Dean called you about this job? How much had you watched the Kings before that?

COACH SUTTER: I think I was in the barn.

Q. What were you doing in the barn?

COACH SUTTER: I wasn’t shoveling (expletive), I remember that, but I had that day (smiling). Was probably warming up. It was cold.

Q. You were literally in the barn?

COACH SUTTER: Yeah. That’s what I said.

That last question is my favorite. “No, I was figuratively in the barn.”