Adam Henrique sheds playoff beard for ‘stache to turn things around


Look, playoff beards are awesome. They’re especially great when they reach the “seriously could nest birds” level of a David Clarkson or Dustin Penner.

Penner (via AP):

source: AP

Clarkson (Getty):

source: Getty Images

Unfortunately for the longevity of both Clarkson and Penner’s beards,* the Los Angeles Kings already have a commanding 3-0 series lead over Clarkson’s New Jersey Devils in the 2012 Stanley Cup finals. Another Kings victory could clog a lot of sinks/drains in both dressing rooms, but the Devils passed along an adjustment that’s far more superficial than injecting Petr Skyora back into the lineup. Adam Henrique has adapted his postseason facial hair to the ‘stache:


Quite dashing, eh? Here are a few gut reactions:

1. Is it me or does Henrique bare a tiny resemblance to Freddie Mercury? (“We are the Eastern Conference Champions” doesn’t have the same ring to it.)

2. Patrick Kane defied follicle traditions with his playoff mullet and was rewarded richly.

3. That being said, Kane rocked the rat tail much earlier. Is Henrique’s obviously-hugely-important adjustment a case of “too little hair, too late”?

Feel free to share your own assessment in the comments.

* Significant others might not approve this message.