Seguin on Thomas’ departure: “I haven’t lost any respect for him. I’ll miss him”


Tim Thomas’ surprising decision to take a year off away from hockey has earned plenty of reaction from fans and media alike, but it’s the opinions of his teammates that we’re all curious about.’s Joe Haggerty spoke with Tyler Seguin about Thomas’ decision to spend time with his “friends, family, and faith” and finds out he’s still got support and sympathy in the room.

“He’s a big part of our team,” Seguin told “Everyone has the responsibility to make their own decisions in life. I haven’t lost any respect for him. I’ll miss him. He’s got my best wishes. Hopefully I’ll be able to be out on the same ice with him again.”

Haggerty also hears from defenseman Dennis Seidenberg, who seems a bit miffed about the whole thing.

“If he feels like that’s what he needs to do for his family then that’s okay, I guess,” said Seidenberg. “It’s tough to judge.”

A guy taking time off for his family is hard to argue with, but teammates can feel a similar closeness and leaving them behind while still under contract might not sit so well with others.

For now, this situation will remain unique in its oddness.