Tim Thomas confirms he’s taking next season off via Facebook, throws in plug for good measure


Tim Thomas is really going to take next season off.

While Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli said Thomas was considering doing that, Thomas took to Facebook today to announce his intentions.


Thomas has been busy speaking his mind on Facebook lately, throwing in a sales pitch for stuff he’s using to “prove” he’ll be staying in shape during his time away from hockey is nothing short of odd. Then again, there’s nothing normal about this situation in the first place so it fits just fine. On the flipside, it’s tough to bag on a guy for wanting to take time out to be with his family and friends.

Now the Bruins are facing next season with a $5 million cap hit going to waste on a player who isn’t playing… Unless they can deal him to a team in need of reaching the salary floor. Good luck getting anything of worth in return for that.