Thomas asks “See why hockey’s just not that important right now?” on Facebook, quickly deletes message (Update: Back now)


Tim Thomas spoke out around warm-up time for Game 2 of the 2012 Stanley Cup finals, but it didn’t shed any light on his future with the Boston Bruins nor did he discuss the Los Angeles Kings or New Jersey Devils.

Instead, he took to Facebook to discuss the world’s economic future, with the pointed comment “See why hockey isn’t that important right now?” He quickly deleted the message, however, so here is a screen cap of what he wrote and linked.


In case you want to read the article Thomas posted, here’s a link.

Update: The posting appears to be back online now. You can see it here.


Tim Thomas ponders sitting out the 2012-13 season; Bruins confirm that he’s considering it.

What are the Bruins’ options if Thomas decides to skip next season?