Do the Kings have a book on Martin Brodeur?


Shortly after scoring the overtime winner to give L.A. a 2-1 win and 2-0 series lead in the 2012 Stanley Cup finals, Jeff Carter spoke with NBC’s Pierre McGuire about the shot that won it all — and might’ve let his team’s strategy slip in the process.

McGuire: Jeff that’s not the first time you guys have shot low stick side on Marty Brodeur, is that part of your plan?

Carter: (Smiling) Well, I can’t tell you too much, he might be watching this. But we’ve definitely talked about it, he’s a world-class goalie and we have to do our homework to beat him.

Here’s the interview in full:

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To be fair, it’s not like the Kings have exploited a weakness of Brodeur’s incessantly throughout the first two games — they only have four goals, after all.

But that said, both Carter’s goal and Colin Fraser’s series-opener were low shots, suggesting the Kings are aiming at a particular area upon getting in good shooting positions.