Video: Kings earn the title “road warriors”

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As much as Darryl Sutter tries to downplay it, the Los Angeles Kings are on a record-breaking road playoff run. They’re 9-0 in 2012 and carried over two wins from last year’s playoffs, pushing them ahead of any NHL squad when it comes to their road prowess. In other words, they’ve earned the right to be called “road warriors.”This video is no longer available. Click here to watch more NBC Sports videos!

Naturally, as a lapsed pro wrestling fan, I cannot help but think of the other Road Warriors/Legion of Doom. With those two in mind, which Kings player would be Hawk and Animal? I’d go with Anze Kopitar for Animal (raccoon eyes) and Dustin Brown for Hawk (scrappiness, generally amusing facial hair, could totally imagine Brown say “Ohhhh what a rush!”) but feel free to share your own choices.