“I haven’t contacted anyone” about trading Luongo, says Canucks GM

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Canucks general manager Mike Gillis swears he hasn’t reached out to any NHL teams about trading Roberto Luongo. And to those teams that have reached out to him, he’s told them it was too early to talk.

“I haven’t contacted anyone with respect to Roberto at all,” Gillis told The Province Thursday. “I’ve had people call me and ask about him and I’ve told them that we haven’t made any decisions at all about the future of our goaltending. And that’s absolutely the truth.

“We’re going to have our pro scouts in over the next seven to 10 days, have our meetings and then we’ll come out of that with a firm plan on how to move ahead.”

Yesterday, a rumor surfaced that a deal sending Luongo to the Maple Leafs was all but official. (In return for Luke Schenn and Toronto’s fifth overall pick, if you’re wondering.)

According to Gillis, however, the only thing Luongo’s told the Canucks is that he’d consider accepting a trade.

“But I’d like to get his feelings now that he’s had a little time to think it over,” said Gillis.

“There’s no rush here. There’s no need to get into anything too quickly because that’s when you’re likely to make a mistake.”