Penner says Quick channeled his “inner Eminem” today


Blame it on the pancakes if you want, but at some point something clicked in Los Angeles Kings winger Dustin Penner. He’s probably always been funny, yet now he’s sharing it with us – or perhaps being prompted to share that side of his personality more – and it’s a glorious thing.

Jonathan Quick’s cool demeanor has been referenced quite a bit already, but Penner’s take on it (along with Quick’s “fashion sense”) is funnier and honestly pretty much on-the-nose.

Penner really does make a point, though, as you can see from this AP photo of Eminem and a screen grab of Quick from that video:


source: APQuick:


Well played, Penner.

If I remember “8 Mile” correctly, Eminem’s nickname was “Rabbit.” Rabbits are pretty quick, so this comparison might have legs.

Even if it doesn’t, go ahead and admit it; You have this song in your head too now.