Sutter on New Jersey: “Many people say they have the greatest goalie of all-time.”


While the Devils get a day off after clinching their spot in the Stanley Cup finals, the Kings were busy practicing in California.

Kings coach Darryl Sutter spoke with reporters after practice and gave his thoughts on facing the Devils in the finals. John Hoven of Mayor’s Manor was there and finds out Sutter has a pretty good grasp on what he’s dealing with in New Jersey.

“They have lots of skill up front, big wingers,” Sutter said. “Many people say they have the greatest goalie of all-time.”

That’s putting it politely as Martin Brodeur has carved out a pretty decent legacy for himself in the NHL with three Stanley Cups and numerous records and individual awards. Brodeur might just be the best guy the Kings get to face through the whole playoffs. Maybe. I guess.

As far as the travel goes considering the cross-country, Sutter says it doesn’t matter since it goes both ways. Sutter does give Hoven a solution to the travel issue.

“You just leave an hour earlier, no problem.”

Why didn’t we think of that first?