Kesler’s agent believes Alain Vigneault has “fallen off a turnip truck”


Hey, remember a few minutes ago when we passed along Alain Vigneault’s take on Ryan Kesler’s struggles this season?

Turns out Kesler’s agent, Kurt Overhardt, has a real problem with the coach’s assertion that a shoulder injury wasn’t the reason Kesler’s “performance slipped” (Vigneault’s words) this season.

“I am not a doctor, I’m a lawyer, but after having conversations with the player and with the club, anyone who thinks this injury did not affect his play must have fallen off a turnip truck,” Overhardt told The Province today.

No word if the Canucks’ coach has indeed fallen off a turnip truck, but if he hasn’t, it seems we’ve got another soap opera in Vancouver.

I guess somebody had to step up in Cody Hodgson’s absence.