Oooh, yeah, this picture won’t help Dustin Brown any


H/T to Seth Rorabaugh of Empty Netters for the link…


Again, here’s how Brown described the hit on Rozsival:

“I haven’t really seen a highlight of it. Rozsival was cutting to the middle and I cut across and made contact. Obviously they thought it was kneeing. I felt I got him with my shoulder. My left side and his right side all made contact, from toe to shoulder.’’

The conversation regarding Brown’s hit has spun wildly out of control, so let’s try to put it back on track. People shouldn’t be upset about the lack of a penalty (the officials might’ve missed the call, but they missed calls all night) or the lack of suspension (c’mon, that’s not a suspendable hit.)

But if they want to be upset about Brown throwing a cheap/questionable hit (which it was) and nailing a vulnerable Rozsival after the whistle (which he did — granted, it was almost bang-bang with the hit and whistle), that’s fine.

Just don’t go confusing the issue.