Henrik Lundqvist concerned with own play, not Rangers’ offense

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For years, the New York Rangers basically asked Henrik Lundqvist to overcome huge talent deficits close to 70 games per year. They’re a better overall team this season, but there are still times when it seems like the stupendous Swede needs to stand on his head for them to win.

Depending upon whom you ask, the Rangers either a) laid an egg overall or b) played like usual, only Lundqvist didn’t drag them to victory in a tough 4-1 loss in Game 4. Either way, the Rangers offense wasn’t effective, but Lundqvist told Dan Rosen that his overriding focus is on his own performance.

“Honestly, it’s not a concern for me at all how many goals we score,” Lundqvist said. “My approach to the game and my mindset doesn’t change no matter how many goals we score. A lot of times two or three goals have been enough. I try to approach it the same way — focus on my things, the things I can control.

“We will have nights where we score more goals and some nights we’re going to win 1-0 or 2-1. I’m fine with that.”

Many analysts love to talk about goalies who “make the big save in key situations,” but I’d imagine most netminders would agree that they never want to allow a goal. Sure, it’s easier to stomach a puck getting behind you when you’re up by three goals, yet Lundqvist probably has the right mindset. Control what you can and more often than not, you’ll be in a good position to win.

One can imagine that he wouldn’t mind a little “run support” anyway, though.