Dwight Schrute wanted Kings tickets, so L.A. sent him some…in Jello


Rainn Wilson, the actor that plays Dwight Schrute on The Office (one of the many fine, quality sitcoms produced by NBC) was thinking about going to the Kings-Coyotes game on Sunday.

But Wilson had never been to a hockey game and wanted to learn more before getting tickets, so he reached out to the LA Kings Twitter account:


The Kings Twitter account was quick to reply:


For those of you that don’t watch The Office (and if you’re not, you really should, along with the rest of NBC’s outstanding Thursday night lineup), this is a reference to Dwight’s workplace nemesis Jim Halpert, known for encasing Dwight’s stuff in Jello:

On Sunday, the whole Twitter back-and-forth came to fruition as L.A.’s President of Business Operations, Luc Robitaille, was on hand at Staples to present Wilson with his tickets — on a plate of what appears to be lime Jello:


As for Wilson’s observations on Game 4:

— Staples Center sells sushi during games and plays a lot of Coldplay.

— The Kings uniforms look like “they were designed by Rob Zombie, the Oakland Raiders & Prince.”

— Mike Smith “is really good. We should drug him with a poison dart. Or puck.”

— He met noted Canadian/celebrity hockey fan Matthew Perry.

— By game’s end, he “really, really” hated the Coyotes.