Dave Tippett confirms he’s not the guy to ask about Phoenix’s finances


There was some real “outside the box” thinking on display during today’s Coyotes practice interviews. One reporter asked Dave Tippett about the correlation between coaching the team to victory…and monetary windfall.

As you might expect, the Phoenix head coach offered very, very little in response:

Q: I know it’s a long way from what you’re thinking about, but this is nine playoff gates you will have contributed to the company bank account here.

COACH TIPPETT: You’re asking the wrong person about that.

Q. Do you feel you’ve done something in terms of making this a more valuable commodity?

COACH TIPPETT: The only bank account I worry about are wins. The business side can take care of itself. That’s inconsequential to us. It’s great that there’s a buzz in the city, we created a buzz because of the wins. If you think this team is in here winning because it’s raising money, that’s the wrong attitude.

“The only bank account I worry about are wins” is a good line and I hope Tippett keeps rolling with it. Like when the Coyotes win, he can say “No big deal, we just made another withdrawal.”

When they lose, he can say something like “You know, tonight we just had insufficient funds,” or “The ATM ate our debit card.”