Sutter: “You got to win four games, right?”


If nothing else, Kings coach Darryl Sutter can just cut to the quick. No, not Jonathan Quick, but right to the heart of the matter instead.

After seeing his team shut down and shut out by the Coyotes in Game 4 by a 2-0 score, Sutter wasn’t about to give into questions about shifts in momentum and things of that ilk when speaking to reporters after the game.

“You got to win four games, right? They’re a home-ice team. They finished ahead of us for a good reason, right? There’s not much difference in the team,” Sutter said.

“I said to you guys who aren’t used to covering hockey, watching playoffs a lot, the most important part of the playoffs are goaltending, special teams, how your top players play. So just do it, right?”

Sounds simple enough. The Kings have had the goaltending and the top players for most of the playoffs, but the special teams has been a half-and-half thing with the penalty kill getting it done while the power play continues to fail. With the Kings being 8-0 on the road in the postseason, expect to see them bounce back strong in Game 5 on Tuesday night.