Doan on Kings’ fans booing him: As a player, I think it’s great


Shane Doan is the captain of the Phoenix Coyotes, one of their best known players, and on Sunday, he was the hero in Phoenix’s 2-0 victory over Los Angeles. In other words he’s the perfect target for Kings’ fans who want to express their displeasure at the opposing team. So go ahead and boo Doan. He’s all for it.

“As a player, I think it’s great,” said Doan on the subject of fans booing him when he’s on the road. “You like it. Every player enjoys it. I mean, we boo their team when they touch the puck. So it’s one of those things you enjoy. I think it makes you feel like you’re at least kind of doing your job.”

Over the course of his career, Doan has generated nearly as many points on the road as he has in front of a friendly crowd. The Staples Center audience certainly didn’t seem to slow him down on Sunday.

The series will head back to Arizona for Game 5. If Phoenix manages to once again avoid elimination, then Game 6 will be in Los Angeles, where Doan will probably get booed again – whether he likes it or not.