Stoll: “We’re having fun and making a lot of memories right now”

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Los Angeles Kings center Jarret Stoll has some experience playing the Cinderella role. He was a big part of the 2006 Edmonton Oilers team that came within a win of winning the Stanley Cup, but it sounds like this group is special to him as well.

Stoll told John Hoven about how much fun it must be to start the playoffs 11-1.

“We’re having fun and making a lot of memories right now … which is great because this group of guys really care about each other,” Stoll said.

Some players might not have been so happy about their situations if they were in Stoll’s spot. He essentially went from a second-line center to a checker thanks to Mike Richards’ arrival, which honestly might fit his skill set more appropriately. Stoll told Dennis Bernstein that he doesn’t care that much about his role.

“Whether I’m playing nine minutes or 19 minutes, it’s rewarding if we win,” Stoll said.

It also must feel great when his line plays as well as it did tonight:

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