Alberta premier says province won’t fund new arena…though it still sort of could


Wednesday we showed you a virtual tour of Edmonton’s proposed downtown arena that, if built, would become the new home of the Oilers.

Yesterday, however, Alberta premier Alison Redford reiterated her government’s position that it wouldn’t be providing the $100 million that’s been requested to cover part of the $450 million project.

“Our perspective on that hasn’t changed, nor will it,” she said. “We’ve been very clear with respect to our position.”

But not to worry, Oilers fans – Redford says the city can always tap its annual Municipal Sustainability Initiative grant.

According to this, Edmonton’s MSI allocation for 2012 is $167 million.

So some potholes don’t get filled. And maybe a bridge falls down. You want the Oilers to stay or not, Edmonton?