Doan on those picking LA to advance: “Fine by us…the experts have not picked us for a long time”


A defiant Shane Doan spoke with Fox Sports Arizona’s Todd Walsh today in advance of Game 3 of the Western Conference finals, asserting that the Coyotes — down 2-0 after a pair of home losses — were far from finished.

“Everyone’s picking LA to go on now with the situation that we’re in. That’s fine by us,” Doan said. “The experts have not picked us for a long time and continue to pick against us.

“The last three years we’ve found ways to prove them wrong — we’ll be worried when they start picking us.”

Walsh followed with this:


Doan also spoke emotionally about being ejected from Game 2 and having to watch the Coyotes lose 4-0 in front of the Phoenix faithful.

“It was pretty hard, very difficult — one of those things that didn’t seem real,” he explained. “It was so frustrating, but there was nothing to do about it after it happened, just kind of hold onto that and contain it for the next game.”

For the first time in this playoff run, Doan has come under scrutiny. His hit on Trevor Lewis drew negative reviews from a number of pundits and, as the Coyotes’ captain, he’s shouldering the weight of an 0-2 series deficit and a team that lost its composure badly in Game 2.

Coyotes head coach Dave Tippett says Doan needs to rally the troops tonight, and believes he’s up to the task.

“We expect him to be better,” Tippett said of Doan. Tippett later added, “He’s our leader. He wants to come back and have a strong game.

“I expect him to come in and have his best game of series.”