Report: NHL gives NHLPA notice it wants to terminate or modify CBA


This might sound ominous, but don’t worry, it’s just part of the process.

The Sports Business Journal is reporting that the NHL has provided the NHLPA notice that the league wants to “terminate and/or modify” the collective bargaining agreement that expires Sept. 15.

Again, this was to be expected.

Sports law analyst Eric Macramalla explains via Twitter: “If NHL or PA did not provide notice then CBA would have remained in place for another year as per Article 3.1 of CBA; this is not a surprise.”

What we don’t know is how much modifying the NHL wants to do. Will it aggressively pursue a significant reduction in the players’ share of revenue (currently 57%)?

Personally I’m optimistic a deal will get done. Worst-case scenario a few games are lost. There’s too much money being made for a work stoppage to be worth the trouble.

But hey, I’ve been wrong before. (Although technically the Coyotes could still beat the Kings in 6.)