Coyotes ice crew copes with blazing Arizona sun


With two warm weather markets still kicking around the 2012 playoffs and summer in full swing, ice crews are in for some big challenges. Game 2 of the Western Conference finals pits the Los Angeles Kings against the Phoenix Coyotes in Glendale, AZ, where it’s currently more than 100 degrees outside

The Associated Press shares some interesting bits from the Coyotes’ ice crew.

Ice technician Jim Hanlon had a refreshingly simple explanation of what makes for good ice.

“We watch how the puck slides on the ice,” Hanlon said. “If it slides well, we know it’s good ice.”

Meanwhile, Coyotes defenseman Derek Morris doesn’t deny the difficulties, but instead reasonably remarks that it’s an issue in a lot of places once summer rolls around.

“Nashville’s was no better. Chicago’s was no better. L.A.’s won’t be any better,” Morris said. “It’s just that time of year where you’ve got to grind through the bad ice.”

Then again, Morris might be a little biased. That ice might have had at least something to do with a center ice goal he scored on Jonathan Quick in Game 1 (depending upon whom you ask).