Tippett on Kings’ 48 shots in Game 1: “I would question some of the numbers”


One of the major talking points following Los Angeles’ 4-2 win over Phoenix on Sunday was the disparity in shots.

The Kings put 48 on goal compared with the Coyotes, who countered with just 27. To some, that essentially tells the story of a one-sided affair.

To Coyotes head coach Dave Tippett, it doesn’t.

“The numbers last night, went through every single shot, every attempt,” Tippett told reporters on Monday. “I would question some of the numbers, some of the attempts at the net.

“But I’m not going to second guess the stats guys, that’s not what I want to do.”

(Uh, Dave? That’s pretty much what you did right there.)

The Kings were credited with 37 shots at even strength, six 5-on-4, two 4-on-5 and three 4-on-4. Leading the charge were Dustin Brown (seven), Anze Kopitar (six), Slava Voynov (six) and Dustin Penner (five).

Tippett said he can deal with the Coyotes giving up a lot of shots — 37.3 per game, most among all playoff teams — because those numbers are skewed somewhat due to overtime.

What he can’t deal with, though, is giving up quality scoring chances.

“I look at the quality we gave up last night, we gave up far more quality opportunities,” he explained. “Quantity I can deal with sometimes, but it’s the quality. We gave up far too many.”