Poll: Who should New Jersey governor (and big Rangers fan) cheer for?


Chris Christie is about as New Jersey as it gets. Born in Newark. Law school at Seton Hall. And since 2010, he’s been the governor.

He’s also, as you can see here, a passionate New York Rangers fan.

In February, he spoke to WFAN and had the following to say: “I love the Rangers. The Rangers are killing it. I can smell the Cup.”

But what’s he supposed to do now that the Devils are playing the team he loves in the Eastern Conference final?

On the one hand, it’s not his fault he’s a Rangers fan. Christie was born in 1962, long before 1982 when the Devils came to New Jersey via Colorado. Isn’t there something to be said for team loyalty?

On the other hand, he’s the freaking governor of New Jersey.