Devils-Rangers’ rivalry enters its next chapter


The New York Rangers and New Jersey Devils are rivals in every sense of the word. They are in the same division, geographically close, and have a long playoff history. This will be the sixth time that these two squads have met in the playoffs in roughly two decades.

“It’s good for hockey, good for the fans, and good for everyone else,” New Jersey’s Dainius Zubrus said of the upcoming series. “A lot of people around here wanted this. The only exception was in 2006 when the Devils swept the Rangers.

“Since the day I arrived in New Jersey, I sensed that this is The Rivalry. And I like that stuff.”

The Rangers have been the much more successful team in these two franchise’s postseason meetings. New York has eliminated the Devils in four of their previous five opportunities.

Still, the Devils have a great team and have already vanquished one major Stanley Cup contender in the Philadelphia Flyers. After having their hands full with the Ottawa Senators and Washington Capitals, the New York Rangers are in for yet another tough series.