2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs: PHT’s conference finals picks — in five words


The “five words” gimmick didn’t fare any better in Round 2 — O’Brien was the only guy to get more than one pick right — but we here at PHT are nothing if not ridiculously stubborn.

With that in mind, here are our staff picks for the Eastern and Western Conference finals…using only five words.


Western Conference

No. 3 Phoenix vs. No. 8 Los Angeles

Ryan Dadoun (Kings in 7): Kings have clicked in playoffs.

James O’Brien (Kings in 6): Kings are rich man’s Coyotes.

Joe Yerdon (Kings in 6): The ‘Yotes aren’t Quick enough.

Jason Brough (Coyotes in 7): Unbelievable if this actually happens.

Mike Halford (Kings in 6): Phoenix won’t solve Jonathan Quick.

Eastern Conference

No. 1 New York vs. No. 6 New Jersey

Dadoun (Rangers in 6): King Henrik trumps aging Brodeur.

O’Brien (Rangers in 6): Rangers barely best hot Devils.

Yerdon (Rangers in 7): The King shall reign all.

Brough (Devils in 6): Rangers must be absolutely exhausted.

Halford (Rangers in 7): Just like first two rounds.

Round 1 results:

Dadoun 6-for-8
O’Brien 3-for-8
Yerdon 4-for-8
Brough 3-for-8

Round 2 results

Dadoun 1-for-4
O’Brien 2-for-4
Yerdon 1-for-4
Brough 1-for-4
Halford 1-for-4