Brooks Laich hopes Dale Hunter is back next season


Alex Ovechkin may or may not be a big fan of his coach, but one Washington player with nothing but good things to say about Dale Hunter is Brooks Laich.

Yesterday, Laich praised Hunter for his ability to keep the Capitals on an even keel throughout the playoffs.

“A lot of that comes from our head coach,” said Laich, as per the Washington Times. “He’s calm behind the bench and he always instills positive thoughts and positive things into his players. He doesn’t lose his composure behind the bench, and that really has a calming effect on the players, especially through the course of a game and the course of a series where there’s ups and downs, it can really help to keep your team pretty level.”

Today, Laich was asked if he’d like to see Hunter back behind the bench next season.

“Why wouldn’t I?” he replied, as per the Washington Examiner. “Absolutely. He’s been great.”

But has Hunter done enough to stick around next season? A victory Saturday would make it pretty hard to fire the guy considering the Caps haven’t made it out of the second round since 1998.