Kimmo Timonen really thought this was the Flyers’ year


One of the guys you have to feel for on the Philadelphia Flyers is Kimmo Timonen. Timonen is 37-years-old and has a lot of miles on his body which means his window for winning a Stanley Cup is closing. Playing for the Flyers means being part of a perpetual playoff team and having a shot to win it every year.

For Timonen, he really thought this year was the one the Flyers made a run at the Cup as he laments to The Philly Daily News’ Sam Donnellon.

“After the Pittsburgh series I really thought this was our chance,” Timonen said. “Look at the teams that were out. Look at the teams that were in. I thought every team that was still in was beatable.”

Unfortunately for Timonen he was right and his team was the beatable foe for the Devils. With the years whittling away for Timonen and the different injuries he put up with over the season, you wonder how many chances he’ll have left to win it all.