KHL President: Nashville punished Radulov for not signing a long-term deal


If you thought there was something more to Nashville suspending Alexander Radulov for partying and carousing before Game 2, then you’ll want to see what KHL President Alexander Medvedev had to say.

According to Yahoo!’s Dmitry Chesnokov, Medvedev believes Radulov’s one-game suspension¬†is a form of revenge from the Predators.

Yes, seriously.

“The story with Radulov breaking team rules is Nashville’s payback to him for not signing in Nashville long term.”

Sound like a wacky conspiracy theory in the making? You better believe it. Of course if Radulov winds up going back to the KHL next season, this idea will only get more traction and become some sort of folklore in both Nashville and Russia.

Is it sour grapes from the head of the Russian pro league? More than likely. Seeing your top star bolt for your “rival” league at the end of the season is rough. Seeing him embarrass himself on a global scale by not being responsible enough to make it back for curfew is tough to swallow.

Hanging blame on the franchise because he didn’t get a long-term contract though is tough — but ultimately pretty empty talk.