Jaroslav Halak: “We didn’t accomplish anything in the playoffs.”


When some players see their season ended in the playoffs, they’ll be in denial for some time, sitting in disbelief that their run to glory is over. Jaroslav Halak is not one of those guys.

Halak looked back on the season and playoffs with Jeremy Rutherford of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and had a firm grasp on the truth of the situation feeling proud of what the team did but not being satisfied in any way at all.

“It is a good feeling, but we didn’t accomplish anything in the playoffs,” Halak said. “Obviously everybody when they look at our regular season, it was a great season for us. But when you look at the playoffs, we still only won four games. We need 16 to win the Stanley Cup. We are still far away from being there.”

For a Blues team that did accomplish a lot, there’s plenty of grumpy thoughts about the team now after being bumped out of the playoffs. Captain David Backes was highly critical of some members of the team which makes you think the Blues are going to be active in the offseason “fixing” their locker room.