Claude Giroux is bummed out the Flyers’ season didn’t go longer


Imagine being Flyers forward Claude Giroux. Instead of helping his team on the ice and try to prolong the series, he’s in the press box serving a suspension and stuck having to watch the team go down in flames in Game 5 and out of the playoffs.

Giroux did meet with the press after the game and tells’s Tim Panaccio that he believes in his team and wishes things went a lot more differently while giving the Devils a lot of credit.

“They are a good team,” Giroux said. “They played well. They are good defensively. When they had a chance to put it in the net they did. I still think that we are a good team. It should have been a tighter series. We’ve just got to learn from it.”

I can see it now: Claude Giroux playing Marlon Brando’s role in a remake of “On The Waterfront.” I could’ve been a contender! I could’ve been somebody!

Giroux is still awfully young, as are a lot of guys on the Flyers roster and this will make for a major learning experience for them. Losing should spur you on to wanting more and achieving greater heights. We’ve only really seen the start of Giroux’s potential superstar career, now it’ll be on him to step things up next year and try to not be as careless throwing the body.