Martin Brodeur is all about loving the offense


Let’s face it, whenever you hear about the Devils you’re never really thinking about a potent offense. Fair or not, it’s just the stigma that goes along with the team thanks to their past.

That said, this year’s Devils team is different and Martin Brodeur couldn’t be more excited about his team’s offense, especially when they’re able to make his job that much easier. Tom Gulitti of Fire & Ice hears it from Brodeur about his new found love of offense.

“The more we keep the puck in their zone, the more we’re taking shots on them, the less they’re going to have an opportunity against us,” Brodeur said. “But when they do (have an opportunity), we have a lot of good back pressure from our forwards just because we’re working hard. We’re gambling sometimes offensively, but we’re coming back five guys together and putting a lot of pressure on them to make good plays to beat us and it’s been working out good.”

If you found someone who had been under a rock all year and missed out on how these Devils play, hearing Brodeur wax poetic about New Jersey’s offense might scare them back into hiding. Having the offense help the defense is a new thing entirely it seems.

While the other Eastern Conference series might be lacking in offensive pressure and scoring chances, the Devils are doing their part to shake off an old, ugly image.