From now on, Manitoba politicans will have to buy their Jets tickets like everyone else


Yesterday we wrote about a potential controversy involving the Manitoba Liquor Control Commission and the possibility the Crown corporation was providing free Winnipeg Jets tickets to politicians or others that perhaps shouldn’t be getting them.

According to the commission’s acting president, Roman Zubach, the tickets were intended to be used for promotional purposes, “in other words, for our customers.”

But today the list of recipients was made public, and it didn’t seem to include many “customers.”

From the Canadian Press:

188 tickets went to the corporation’s head office staff, another 62 went to executives, and 66 went to board members.

Another 108 tickets were given to store managers, four tickets were given to the office of Jim Rondeau, the cabinet minister responsible for the liquor commission, eight went to something called the MLCC social club and four tickets were given to charities.

Not surprisingly, the provincial government has promised to implement a new policy forbidding cabinet ministers from receiving free Jets tickets from Crown corporations.

Something tells us charities may get a few more than four tickets next season.