Discuss: Devils befuddle Flyers again, take series in five


The Philadelphia Flyers weren’t the offensive locomotive that they were for much of the regular season in Game 5; instead, they were more reminiscent of the team that was once known primarily as a group that bent and broke the rules to get things done. Either way, it didn’t matter because the New Jersey Devils were just flat-out better, finishing their semifinals series in five games with a 3-1 win.

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Let’s get to the talking points.

  • How much did it hurt the Flyers to lose Claude Giroux in Game 5? He wasn’t dominant in this series, but Philly’s offense didn’t look dangerous tonight, either.
  • Before we get more negative, let’s focus a bit on the Devils’ triumph. First things first: how good are the Devils, really? They faced two relatively unusual teams in Florida and Philly in the playoffs so they’re likely to get a new test in the Eastern Conference finals, whether it’s the Rangers or Capitals.
  • Is this run already good enough to keep Zach Parise around?
  • Speaking of returning heroes, how much does this help Martin Brodeur’s chances of coming back? Will it be a mere matter of his choice instead?
  • Which team should the Devils hope to face in round three?
  • What was the primary reason New Jersey won, in your mind? (There are plenty of choices.)
  • How should Flyers fans feel about their future? Ilya Bryzgalov deserves some blame, but not as much as his enormous gaffe might suggest.