Photo: Chara, Pacioretty share awkward handshake


From IIHF communications director Szymon Szemberg comes this shot, taken after Slovakia’s 4-2 win over the U.S. at the World Hockey Championships:


Chara, you’ll recall, sent Pacioretty flying into a Bell Center stanchion on Mar. 8, 2011, concussing the Montreal forward and fracturing his vertebrae.

The hit — and the fact Chara avoided suspension — infuriated Pacioretty (see here.)

Chara later said he tried to reach out to Pacioretty but his efforts for reconciliation were rebuffed. The two eventually talked — though it seemed that, even months after the incident, Pacioretty was still harboring resentment.

From a June 2011 article on

While Pacioretty feels better physically, he’s not mentally over the hit from Zdeno Chara that left him with a concussion and a broken vertebra. Pacioretty is still upset with Chara, to the point where he had to turn off his TV when the Bruins’ captain lifted the Stanley Cup last week, according to The Gazette in Montreal.

Judging by the photo, there’s still a bit of disdain there.