New Blues ownership might mean a gig for Brett Hull


Whenever you ask me to picture the St. Louis Blues, the first image that pops into my mind is Brett Hull unleashing ridiculous one-timers. He bounced around to quite a few other teams before retiring, but with the balance of power in the organization primed to shift to (previously minority) owner Tom Stillman on Wednesday, that bond might be highlighted once again.

Andy Strickland provides some insight into tweaks that might come to St. Louis, with “administrative changes” heading the list. Those changes could include a role for Hull but won’t mean that GM Doug Armstrong will need to find a new job.

Whenever you transition into new Ownership, changes are usually made. I expect to see significant administrative changes in the not too distant future.

Doug Armstrong will remain on board as the Blues’ [GM].

There’s also the strong likelihood of Hall of Famer Brett Hull returning to the organization. Although no official agreement has been made Hull is expected to assist Stillman on both the business and hockey side. This will be a full-time job for Hull who will once again be a visible member of the organization and the community.

Significant changes will be made on the business side as well.  Stillman has indicated he will take a heavy hands-on approach to running the organization in the early stages.

Strickland follows up the scuttlebutt regarding Hull with a Tweet that an exact role hasn’t been determined, but he’d likely assist Stillman on the “hockey and business side.” (Feel free to insert your favorite “Ambassador of Fun” joke here.)