Getzlaf: How is this bar thing even a story?


Team Canada captain Ryan Getzlaf says Sunday morning’s “incident” at a Helsinki bar is being completely overblown.

“Where that story came from, I don’t know,” Getzlaf said today, as per CP. “It was way out of proportion. Way, way overblown. It was nothing like what was reported.”

So what exactly happened that a Finnish media outlet felt was worthy of reporting?

“Somebody tried to start an argument at the door. I said ‘No! No! No!“’ he explained. “It wasn’t much more than that. There were never any punches thrown. Nothing, no incident.”

To recap:

—- No physical altercation.

—- No curfew.

—- No game Sunday.

—- No way you can compare this to Alexander Radulov and Andrei Kostitsyn partying the morning of a playoff game.

Canada smoked France, 7-2, today.