Caps goalie coach Kolzig: “Holtbyisms” are fine…for now


This is mostly just an excuse to post this video…

…but we suppose what Capitals associate goalie coach Olie Kolzig said about Braden Holtby’s routines and rituals is sort of interesting.

“One thing that maybe we’ll address next year is just the amount of stuff – Holtbyisms as you guys call them,” Kolzig said, as per “Maybe we can cut those down a bit, because eventually it’s going to wear on him and it’ll burn him out.

“But for right now it’s working, so don’t mess with it. I think the more he plays here, the more comfortable he’s going to get and the more confident. Once he starts feeling a lot more like he’s part of the NHL, I think some of that stuff will filter or phase out. But right now, whatever he’s doing is working, and guys are feeding off of it.”

Holtby has admittedly had trouble controlling his nerves in the past. Perhaps the “Holtbyisms” are a way to distract his anxious mind.

Or maybe he’s just another weird goalie.