Are Manitoba politicians getting free Winnipeg Jets tickets from the liquor board?


If the Manitoba Liquor Control Commission is doling out free Winnipeg Jets tickets to provincial government officials, we could have a very Canadian political firestorm on our hands.

Ron Schuler, the opposition party’s liquor critic, is trying to get to the bottom of things, according to the Canadian Press.

…the commission gets 10 season tickets that can be divided up and given out for promotions or other purposes.

[Schuler] asked for a list of recipients six weeks ago and says he hasn’t had a reply.

The minister responsible for the liquor commission, Jim Rondeau, says staff are still working on the information and it will be provided soon.

In an unrelated story that popped up in a Google search, did you know they started serving booze at movie theaters in Manitoba?

I feel like that’s an awful idea.