Jagr: Remember when I saved the Penguins?


While Jaromir Jagr has been pretty quiet against the Devils in this series, that’s not stopping him from reflecting on the past.

After this morning’s skate, Jagr talked with reporters about how a goal he scored against New Jersey as a member of the Pittsburgh Penguins back in 1999 was the biggest in his career and one he believes helped save the franchise. Rich Chere of The Star-Ledger relays Jagr’s tale of Game 6 heroism.

“I came back and I tied it with a minute and a half to go and then I scored in overtime. That was probably my best game ever, I would say. My most important for sure. I’ll probably never score a goal that important. Probably if I hadn’t scored, the team wouldn’t be in Pittsburgh right now. (Sidney) Crosby would be in Kansas City.”

Denying Sidney Crosby stardom in Pittsburgh for barbecue greatness in Kansas City is probably all for the best when you think about it. Still, you’ve got to think if Mario Lemieux still talks to Jagr he might be looking to help him out with his vision of history.