Video: Why David Legwand’s would-be 3-0 goal didn’t count

The Nashville Predators didn’t give their fans any reason to throw (potentially live) catfish onto the ice during a scoreless second period, so they currently remain up 2-0 against the Phoenix Coyotes in Game 3. It could have been 3-0, but a David Legwand goal was disallowed, as you can see in the video below:

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Want an official explanation? Here’s the word from’s “Situation Room” blog:

At 13:49 of the first period of the Phoenix-Nashville game, video review was initiated by the Situation Room in Toronto because the puck ended up in the Phoenix net. It was ruled on the ice that the play had been whistled dead before the goaltender was pushed into the net. No goal.

There you go – and file that away if the Predators end up coming back in the third period/beyond.

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